Pairs for May 2021

Pairs for trading on the US stock market for May 2021.

V*200-MA*100. Asset Correlations 0.87, p-value 0.03.

Pair V200-MA100 MAY 2021

V-MA Rolling 120-day Correlation:

V-MA Rolling 120-day Correlation MAY 2021

KEY*400-HBAN*500. Asset Correlations 0.93, p-value 0.03.

Pair KEY400-HBAN500 MAY 2021

KEY-HBAN Rolling 120-day Correlation:

KEY-HBAN Rolling 120-day Correlation MAY 2021

COST*100-WMT*300. Asset Correlations 0.55, p-value 0.01.

Pair COST100-WMT300 MAY 2021

COST-WMT Rolling 120-day Correlation:

COST-WMT Rolling 120-day Correlation MAY 2021

You can check the charts of these pairs on the website tradingview.
You can check the correlation and cointegration data on the website portfoliovisualizer.

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