US Market Forecast. June 2022

This week there will be an expiration of large volumes in SPY. On June 17th, over 3.5 million put options will expire.

SPY Volumes with expiration June 17th 2022In the option series on June 17th, the accumulation of volumes in put options at the levels of 380 and 340.

SPY Option Series June 17th 2022
I see two options. Either we will hold the 380 level by rolling, or we will fall to the 340 level. After the expiration, we can expect the market to grow. The whole question is from what level: 380 or 340.

If we take all the option series in SPY, we can see the accumulation of volumes in put options at levels 380, 370, 345, 340.

Delta Call Put June 2022 SPY

The failure in the open interest between the levels of 370-345 is somewhat alarming. A move from 380 to 340 this week is real.


Everything will be fine. On the 14th, there was a decrease in put volumes at strikes 345, 340 and an increase in volumes in calls at strikes 400, 385, 380.

On the 14th, at the close, I started selling put spreads with expiration on the 17th:

SPY trade

On the 15th, at the end of the day, I already closed positions:

SPY trade close

I opened this position on the 14th as I saw a surge in volume at the 360 strike on June 13th. Plus, an increase in SPY at the end of the day on the 14th on volumes.

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