Hedge strategies based on fundamental analysis

This article describes the basic principles of Anton’s Kreil trading. Anton Kreil is famous for his TV show on BBC “Million Dollar Trader”, earlier he worked as trader at Goldman Sachs, now he is partner at Institute of Trading and Portfolio Management.

1. Description of course and trade approach

The course of trading held by Anton Kreil, is based on macroeconomic, fundamental, technical analysis and risk management. His approach to trading copies hedge fund strategies. Moreover, not only the trading strategy is copied, but also the strategy of the traders’ behavior. The strategy of the hedge fund traders’ behavior is that they get their monthly income at the expense of wages, and not from trading. Salary is in the form of a percentage of the management of the attracted capital. They reinvest half of the incentive bonus from the profits again to the fund. In this way, hedge fund traders increase their capital, and at the expense of interest capitalization they will eventually earn much more after the sale of the fund than if they simply withdrew their earnings each month. To make a fortune, you need to imitate the hedge fund managers, and not listen to advertising, in which you will be told that you will earn a certain amount every day from trading. When you withdraw money, you will not increase your capital. Course begins from this.
The trading strategy taught in this course also repeats hedge fund strategies. The goal is a stable profit and moderate volatility of the account when you earn both in a good and a bad market. In the course of trading, you are taught to create diversified portfolios of long and short transactions with the time of holding spread positions during 1-3 months. The focus on medium-term trade is made for the reason that over the past decades the volatility of markets has steadily declined. The statistics on the indices, shares, including into the index, currencies, shows that 80% of the time the market is asleep.

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